Saturday, January 5, 2013

sewing in the new year

I made something for the littlest one in the house.  The hopscotch top pattern by Oliver + S in a nice four-way knit that I bought on-line a while ago from the Fabric Fairies.    This is a size 3T lengthened by a couple of inches.  Do you recognize that skirt?  I made that for s not that long ago it seems.   

The dress above is the Pristine Swing Dress by Blank Slate Patterns.  I've been a huge admirer of MellySews, and as soon as she released her Blank Slate for girls, I grabbed the entire collection at a huge discount.  This dress was cut in a size 5.  The placket calls for a woven fabric, but I used a knit instead, and the neckline came out huge because of the stretch.  I pinched a couple of inches in the back and omitted the button closure.  And voila, there is now a little inverted pleat in the back that makes the dress even swingier.  Problem fixed.

My two little girlies wearing all hand-made.  Happy new year!


  1. Very cute!! And, um, how did B get so big so fast?! Geez!

  2. Nice - I'm featuring this on Saturday! Thanks for linking in the Flickr pool.


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