Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring is in the air...

S has recently begun painting classes at our local children's museum. She loves the class but hates the mess. Being a stylish girl, S absolutely refuses to wear the t-shirt cover-ups that the good people of the Portland Children's Museum provide for the little artists. And so it was with great excitement that I found a pattern for the perfect art smock in Liesl Gibsons Little Things to Sew
This version was made as a gift for a friend's 2 year birthday. Fabric is Central Park by Kate Spain. I love love love this line of fabric, and actually all of her designs are so pretty and so fun. In my opinion, perfect for a child's garment.

S chose both fabrics for her own smock. The main fabric is sugarpop by Liz Scott. Also a fun and sweet collection.
You may notice that s is wearing plastic high heels. Underneath the smock she is in full ballerina regalia. The only time I can get her to wear normal clothes is when we are out and about. At home she is either in pretend dress-up clothes, tutus, or her favorite jammies and nightgowns.

My husband's co-workers/friend is due any day now. These bibs are loosely based on the travel bib in Amy Butler's Little Stitches for Little Ones. I had the trims on hand and the fabrics are left-over scraps from other projects. They are backed with terry cloth so they should be pretty absorbent. This was a fun and quick project that makes me wonder why I have not attempted making bibs before. Ah well, poor baby B is still using the old and stained bibs handed down from S who was a very drooly baby.

The title of this post is really wishful thinking. It is still cold and wet in our little corner of the great northwest. Sometimes we will catch a glimpse of the sun. These glimpses may last a few minutes, maybe even an hour, but when it does show, I am left happy and hopeful.
Thanks for stopping by and happy spring!