Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tangled Birthday Party

My sweet girl turned 5 this week.  It seems like I blinked and she transformed from a baby into a little girl.  The day was a whirlwind, so I didn't really get a good picture of her to mark the occasion, but this one will have to do, pizza stains, half-closed eyes, and all. 

The theme was based on Disney's Tangled.  I sewed up 14 apron skirts, made the same number of rapunzel braids out of yarn, baked 2 dozen kingdom sun cookies, and folded numerous origami dresses...

The goody boxes were filled with watercolor paints, a kingdom sun cookie, and for the boys, a bottle cap rapunzel necklace that was a last minute order from this etsy store.  I had planned to make Flynn Rider's satchel for the boys, like this one, but alas ran out of time.

I wished I had taken a close-up of this remarkable cake that Megan of Sweet and Sassy Sugar Shop made.  This picture is from her facebook page
She also made the name banner with the sun symbol for us.  Megan is super-talented.  Not only are her cakes and cupcakes beautiful, but also the most delicious around. You can find her online here.  Or visit her little cupcake stand at the Hillsboro Farmer's Markets.
We had the party at an indoor playground that we rented for 3 hours.  But of course I had to squeeze in some arts and crafts.  The kids colored some velvet crowns and painted on mini canvas easels.  I also went around and braided the girls' hair rapunzel style.  This is the tutorial that I based the hairstyles on.
 Okay, so here are the details of those skirts.

The pattern is the Hazel Skirt from Violette Fields Threads.  I embroidered the rapunzel figure onto one side of the removable apron along with each girl's name underneath.

Here is the reverse side.  All the fabrics came from my stash.  Oh yeah, did I mention that I got a new sewing/embroidery/quilting machine for Christmas?  It's the Pfaff Creavive Performance and it is seriously the best gift ever. 
S at 15 months old.

And here she is at 5 years old.  Happy birthday to my girl.