Wednesday, April 3, 2013

An (Un)Birthday Flashback Tee

I made S's birthday shirt yesterday, except that her birthday was 2 months ago.  Actually I had no plans to make any kind of birthday t-shirt.  My friend had asked me to embroider a name on a similar shirt that she had made with appliqued butterflies on a number 3.  S saw me working on it, and I think that she thought it was hers because the name also began with an S.  Oh the disappointment and the tears when she found out that it was not meant for her.  The only way I could pry it out of her hands was to promise to make her a similar shirt, this one with her own name on it and a number 5.  instead of appliqued butterflies though, I went with an embroidered design.

The pattern is made by rae's flashback tee with a few modifications:  puffy three quarter lengthsleeves, and bands on the hem and the gathered sleeves. 

Ok, now back to regularly scheduled sewing, which might include a couple  of things for me.

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