Thursday, July 24, 2014

KCW Day 4: Heidi & Finn Summer Maxi Dress

It's Day 4 of KCW and I finished this top based on the Heidi & Finn Summer Maxi Dress.  The blue is a knit tshirt that I upcycled.  I actually made this top to match a skirt currently in testing.  S really needs more solid knit tops.

I kept the bodice section of the pattern, but changed up the skirt portion; obviously it is much shorter, and I used the lower part of the tshirt, gathered to fit in the front only.  I added the butterfly applique to tie it in further with the skirt.

  I also changed the back to a button and loop instead of a tie closure.  I like that little bit of orange peaking out from the back placket. 

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  1. Cute top! The colors are really nice together. I like how the front bodice overlaps.:)


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