Monday, October 28, 2013

KCW Fall 2013: The Tinny Dress

Last day of KCW was yesterday; I actually finished this dress Saturday night.  This is S's costume for Halloween.  In case you are wondering, she is a Rockford Peach, made famous by the movie A League of Their Own.  The Rockford Peaches were part of an all-girl baseball league that played during World War II.  Their story is pretty inspiring and empowering for little girls.

When we started brainstorming Halloween costumes, I showed her a picture of this dress, from the blog, One Little Minute.  She was on-board immediately.  The hardest part was looking for a pattern that would work.  I searched for a while, and found one on etsy that was $15 (yikes!!!), but the cost was too steep, especially from a designer that I didn't know very well. 

Then I remembered the Tinny Pattern, from Straightgrain.  The pattern had all the features that I was looking for, the circle skirt, a fitted bodice, and even an option for an open collar.  Plus it was already a part of my pattern library.

I changed up the bodice to include the asymmetrical buttons on one side.  I did this by simply cutting the front bodice pattern piece down the side at a slight angle.  I then cut two mirror image pieces using the off-center pattern piece, and another set for the lining.  Because of the opening in the front, I omitted the invisible zipper in the back and instead cut the back piece as one, taking out the seam allowance.


I also added the belt loops and a red belt.  Let's not forget the Rockford Peach logo in the front and the patch on the arm.  A quick google search led me to etsy and this shop.

I spent most of the day working on B's costume.  More on that coming soon!


  1. I knew what she was dressed up as soon as I saw the thumbnail pic on bloglovin'! She's a perfect Rockford Peach.:)

  2. this is so cool! i love what you did with the tinny. miss you guys!!


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