Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Summer Sewing: Sporty Shorts by Rabbit Rabbit Creations

Remember that pleated skirt that I made for the first ever summer KCW?  Jasmin Walsh, the designer of Rabbit Rabbit Creations just released these Sporty Shorts,  They are such a quick and easy sew that I made 2 of them.    
 This first pair was done in a medium weight ribbed knit that I think I bought from the Fabric Fairy  ages ago. The waistband and bias trim is from quilting cotton from JoAnn's DS Quilts.  I love how cute and simple they are. 

 These shorts can be made from any combination of knit and woven.  For the second pair, I used chambray and quilting cotton again for the waist and trims.  This time around though, I added a little (self-drafted) pocket to jazz things up in the back.

Cute, right?  I just love everything in Jasmin's shop.  I think I am pretty close to owning all of her patterns.  

.By the way, that's a size 6 that S is wearing.  How did she get so big?   We have the first day of Kindergarten coming up soon too.   I'll keep you all posted on the first day of school outfit. 


  1. The shorts are adorable! Can't wait to see what the first day of school outfit is. I was going to sew something new for my little girls but I'm running out of time!

  2. So cute! S is getting to be pro at posing.


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