Tuesday, September 10, 2013

First Days of School

It's been a big week for our family.  Both girls started new schools:  B in preschool and S in Kindergarten.    And of course I had to make them something new for that first day of school.
 First up is B.  After waiting for two years, she was incredibly happy and excited that it was finally her turn to go to preschool.   The dress that she is wearing is from a pattern by Dandelions n' Dungarees, the Classic Ruffle Dress in size 3t.  I had the pleasure of testing this sweet pattern.  I love how the ruffles frame her face and the gigantic bow in the front.  I wanted to keep the vintage feel of this pattern and opted for the red calico print and the white on white trim.    We jazzed it up though, by going with the diamond buttons.  She looks like a doll in this outfit, don't you think?   
My busy little B settled right in and got to work straight away.  Honestly, everything with her is so much easier.  Maybe it's a second child thing?
I actually made S's First Day of School dress in July,   She is wearing Peek-a-boo Patternshop's Jackie Dress.  I left off the piping detail on the collar and went with a pre-pleated fabric.  The houndstooth is a quilting cotton weight by Riley Blake.  I found it in my sister's online etsy shop, LiMa Sews
The hem of the dress hit her right above the knees in July when I made this dress.  She must have grown a couple of inches since then. 
I made B the same dress in a different colorway.  I did have the forethought to make this in a 4t, so now it fits her perfectly.
They both came home tired, but excited about school.  Hoping your first days were successes too! 


  1. I'm glad both girls had a great time at school. They are so cute in their first-day-of-school dresses.

  2. Adorable first day of school outfits!


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