Monday, May 13, 2013

Pattern Testing: The Classic Chinos

I really do prefer classic, clean and simple clothes on kids, and Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop's Classic Chinos fit the bill.    I tested the pattern for Amy just this past week and honestly couldn't find a thing wrong with the design or the instructions.  Everything was so straight-forward and easy, even the welt pockets in the back, which I think give these pants a totally professional look.

The line and the fit of these trousers are perfect, in my humble opinion. 

I made both the pants and the shorts in linen.  The pink linen I got from Fashion Fabrics Club when they were having their huge anniversary sale a couple of months ago.  And the natural linen is a remnant piece from JoAnne's that I've had forever.

Thanks to Amy for letting me test her pattern, and to Jen for letting me borrow her kid:).  


  1. oh cute! they both look so pro and i love that you used pink. :)

  2. Such cute models :-)


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