Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring KCWC Day 1

We've had two straight sunny days here in Portland.  The days were spent outside.

Playing in fields of tulips...

and making messy ice-cream faces.

The first two pictures were taken at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm in Woodburn.  The colors are pretty amazing this time of the year.  And  although it gets pretty crowded, it's still worth the drive to see the rows and rows of colorful tulips.  

And now onto sewing news...

I'm gonna cheat a little and call this the product of day 1 of KCWC.  This skirt (plus 3 duplicates) was actually sewn up and completed Sunday night.  I had every intention of sewing last night after the kids went to sleep.  But then I fell asleep while putting B down for bedtime, and next thing I knew it was already 9:30pm.  I fought to stay awake for another half hour and then decided to just call it a day and went to bed.  The sunshine and being outdoors makes for a great night's sleep. 

B's friend is having a Yo Gabba Gabba themed birthday party.  I made the birthday girl, her sister, S and B each a skirt out of a this wild yo gabba print. 

I already have an Oliver & S 2 plus 2 shirt all cut up.  Hopefully tonight will be a bit more productive and I will have something to show for Day 2.


  1. No need to worry about cheating, I think we Portlander's need an exception what with all the beautiful weather we've been having. This sunshine has really cut into my KCWC plans for sure. Cute skirt though! I'm sure the birthday girl will love it!

  2. can't wait to see your 2+2s - i love that pattern! pretty tulips :)

  3. I have never seen yo gabba gabba fabric. What a great gift idea. Sounds like it will be a fun party with lots of dancing!


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