Monday, April 30, 2012

Gingham Playday Frock

Ok, I actually just finished this dress but I'm still going to count this as one of my KCWC accomplishments.

Here she is modelling awkwardly in the cold today.  And yeah those are yesterday's braids and uncombed hair.

ooh, pockets!
hands in pockets pose.

let's put one hand on your hips and say cheese!

The pattern is the Playday Frock from The New One-yard Wonders.  Fabric is DS Quilts navy gingham from JoAnn's.  I actually really love how this dress turned out.  And it was a super quick sew.

So even though KCWC is officially over, I'm going to continue sewing kid's clothes this week in preparation for our trip to the happiest place on earth.  So hopefully I will have more to show you soon. 


  1. that's super cute! looks great in gingham. i need to get book out...

    1. you should! there are some really cute stuff in there

  2. Adorable frock and model. You can never go wrong with gingham. Well done.

  3. really cute! i bet she gets lots of use out of that one this summer.


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