Friday, November 4, 2011

KCWC Redux

KCWC was pretty inspiring.  I got loads of ideas and inspirations, and found some new blogs to follow.  While perusing the archives of this cool blog called Cirque du Bebe, I came across this yoga top.   Heidi and Finn and Heather Ross?  Sounds like a marriage made in sewing heaven.

I had the pattern and the fabric, so it was easy to pair it with a green fleece lining that I've had in my stash for  quite a while.  Because of the fleece, this top ended up more of a jacket than a shirt.  The neckline is loose and the fit roomy enough that a shirt underneath is called for.

It should keep her nice and cozy this winter and hopefully next winter too.  Thanks for the inspiration Sophie!  (Hope she doesn't mind that I copied.)

Yoga Top Pattern by Heidi & Finn found here.
Fabric: Heather Ross Far Far Away 2 and fleece..

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  1. beautiful! and it looks cozy! that HR fabric is so dreamy...


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