Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Halloween has always been one  of  my favorite holidays.  Who could help but smile
on a day when wearing costumes is not only encouraged, but expected?  Oh, and there's the candy too of course. 

This year was my first attempt at making a halloween costume.  S wanted to be a mermaid. 

She had to have a tail.

I made it out of one inch foam and sewed wavy lines just using a regular foot.
She had a star fish headpiece.
And lots of sparkles.

And her sister was the naughtiest Tink this side of Neverland. 

Have a great Halloween!


  1. cute girls! what a lovely mermaid - cool that you got to use fun, out-of-the-norm fabrics like that! happy halloween!

  2. they are both so cute. that mermaid costume is super fantastic, especially against the pink wallpaper! i love her sassy poses, too!!

  3. LOVE it! The fabric for the tail is just perfect. You did a fantastic job!! too cute!


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