Tuesday, October 11, 2011

a village frock

Look what I made!  A Village Frock by Sugar CIty..  This pattern has long been out of print, but thanks to the generosity of Sky, I was able to get my hands on it. 
Seriously, the pictures don't do this little frock justice.  It is way cuter in person than what my poor photographic skills can capture.   I cut a size 4.  As you can see, the dress runs a tad short.  S is little for her age; any shorter and the dress would be a tunic.
The dress was made from a linen blend that i found as a remnant.  there wasn't enough fabric so i had to cut the sleeves about an inch shorter.  The neck and sleeve trims are ds quilts.

I just cut out a whole bunch of skirts during b's nap, some to keep for s and some to give away as presents.  I'm hoping I can post something for tomorrow as well. 


  1. I have long loved this pattern. Turned out beautiful, well done!!!

  2. ohhhh you're so lucky! and it's just beautiful!

  3. i've loved this pattern forever, too! your version is beautiful.

  4. (I just hopped over from the Elsie Marley Flickr pool.)

    I have this pattern and was just thinking I should make one for my 2.5 year-old, and your very cute version makes me think it should be SOON.

  5. Oh how cute! I haven't checked blogs in forever - and was catching up! I love the bias tape fabric. AWESOME! :-)


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