Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hot Pink!

I've had plans to make the Oliver & S Sailboat outfit since last spring.  I love that the pattern is simple and basic with just the right amount of classic and modern. 

 So I finally got .around to it.  I started with the top sewn in a hot pinkish-red knit that I got at Joann's.  The constuction was fairly easy and straightforward.  I had a little problem with the buttonholes though.  But that's ok since the buttons covered up my less than sterling workmanship.  The knit actually drapes beautifully.  I can see myself making more of these, one in every color and some stripeys too. 

Then I made the pants.  Hot pink as well, with white piping and buttons.  I quite like the garish color paired with that classic sailor look.
They are a bit loose on her, but hopefully will fit her this spring.  So there you are: a hot pink outfit for a hot pink girl. 


  1. the hot pink with the white piping is fab! i love the top in knit, too. i need to sew with knits more. after i get my serger, maybe :)

  2. cute! that sailboat pants/top pattern is my favorite. i will not be showing Em this, i'm sure she'd request them right away! :)

  3. gail, when are you getting your serger?
    kristin, i heard that bright colors are in for fall/winter, so go ahead and make those hot pink pants:).


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