Monday, July 21, 2014

KCW Day 1: The Marina Romper

Day 1 of KCW and I finished this little jumpsuit.  This is the Marina Romper, by Calie Faye Collection.  Originally this was meant for the 4 year old, but after trying it on, she refused to take pictures.  So here it is on her big sister.  It's a little short on the torso, but otherwise fits S pretty nicely. 

Their dad says the romper looks like a clown outfit.  I sorta think he has a point.  But aside from that, I quite like this outfit.  The pattern calls for wovens, but I made mine in a soft cotton knit, and it worked beautifully. 

So Day 1 of KCW is in the books! 

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  1. Love the colors :)
    And no, I don't think it looks like a clown outfit - I find it rather stylish indeed!


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