Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Hummingbird Dress


Our annual trip to Disneyland is coming up and I just happened to have this fashionable princess fabric in my stash and a really cute new dress pattern by RabbitRabbit Creations.  This is the Hummingbird Dress, Jasmine's latest release.  There are options to fancy this little dress up but I chose the simplest "everyday" version. 

I had exactly 1 yard of this fabric and knew that it had to accommodate both girls.  As it turned out, the everyday option was more than enough for both dresses.   I even cut a little off the bottom so that I could add the hem band to tie it in with the bodice fabric.
This was such a quick sew too; I probably finished both dresses in under 2 hours.  The fitted bodice gets its shape from elastic in the back.

I'm excited to make the dressed up version: chiffon, sequins, lace, the possibilities are endless.


  1. that last photo is so cute! i hope you guys have a great trip!

  2. The dresses turned out so sweet. I love that fabric, I have not seen it before. Please say hello to Elsa and Anna for us and have an amazing time at the happiest place on earth!

  3. The dresses are so cute! I love the back. Have fun at Disneyland!


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