Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Some Midnight Sewing and Go To Carousel Shirt

Most of my sewing happens after 8pm at night, when the kids are in bed and the house is quiet.  I love those hours to myself, and they often last after midnight so that I can complete a project and leave it on the stairwell next to the girls' room for them to find the next morning.  It's a nice surprise for them to discover something new.  

Sometimes though, the late hours result in silly mistakes that I don't discover till the next day.  Take the shirts pictured above.  The pattern is the Go To Carousel Shirt, part of the Pattern Anthology bundle that was released in the spring.  When I went to try on the shirts on the girls the next morning, I noticed that S's shirt seemed to be almost the same size as B's.  I chalked it up as the fault of the pattern because, in my experience, a lot of patterns seem to run short on the torso.  But as the day wore on, it became more puzzling to me that a size 5 would look exactly the same as the size 3.  I was pretty sure that I had cut the right sizes and not the same size twice.  Then I checked both shirts against the pattern just to make sure and they seemed fine.  As I mulled over the situation, it occurred to me that I must have sewn the size 5 front onto the size 3 back and vise-versa, and this was the reason why both shirts seemed to be the same size. 

So because S's shirt is so short, I decided to make a peplum that didn't turn out so well.  I might have to cut it off and start over with a new peplum, or she might have to tuck her shirt in.  I do love these little shirts though, especially the high neck and the gathers, and the keyhole in the back is a really cute detail. 

The shorts are from a Ruby Jeans Closet on Etsy called the Simply Sweet Shorts.  It's a really simple basic pair of shorts that have an optional ruffle and a couple of buttons. 

KCW  is coming up next week and both girls will be in dance camp everyday.  So excited to get some sewing time in the daylight hours.

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  1. great photos! did you get a new camera?? the girls sure are cute in their matching outfits! have fun sewing next week!


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