Thursday, June 13, 2013

Teacher Gifts: Noodlehead Divided Baskets

 When I came across Noodlehead's Divided Basket, I knew they would make perfect teacher gifts.  


I used fabrics that I already had.  This one is a particular favorite, Sketchbook from Anna Maria Horner's Drawing Room line of home dec prints.  I bought a whole bunch of yardage a few years ago, most of it lives on as curtains in the girls' room.  I had bought extra intending to make pillows.


S has four teachers, so that's how many baskets I made.  Unlike last year, I didn't leave it till the last minute.  It took me a couple of days to complete all four.  The hardest, most tedious part was cutting all the layers of fabrics and interfacing, but once that was done, all the pieces came together pretty fast.

I added the large ric-rac to a couple of the handles, just for fun. 

Also embroidered names on the back.  I love how they turned out. 

After these pictures were taken, I added a bottle of wine and some cookies.  These baskets can hold a surprisingly huge amount of stuff.
And finally, here is S on her first day of preschool wearing her Oliver & S Bubble Dress.
Last day of preschool, and the dress is now a tunic. 


  1. oh man! i just sent the husband to whole foods for teacher gifts, i was so behind the eight ball and i'm not up for a late night of sewing after a late night of blogging last night! haha. great divided baskets, and MY how S has grown!!

  2. i'm always amazed by your ability to churn out FOUR of something like this! love the first day/last day of S. that dress is so sweet.


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