Monday, January 14, 2013

a sparkly ruffly dress

What?  Two posts in one week?  I am on a roll guys.  In all honestly, these last few projects have been so quick and easy that it only seems like I am accomplishing so much. 

The pattern is of course Oliver & S Hopscotch in the dress view.  I made a size 5 for S but I think that next time I will have to go up a size since the fit is a little snug.  The girl is just growing too fast. 


Both the fabrics came from JoAnn's--the sequinned top was a remnant, and I had barely enough really.  I did a self-liner for the chest pieces though, as the material was on the thin side.

She was being extra goofy this morning as you can see. 

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  1. Sequined and ruffle, pink and purple combo, must be S' favorites, she's too cute :-)


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