Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall KCWC: Days 2 & 3: Butterfly Tweed Sunday Brunch Jacket

I've made this jacket before, back in the spring.  S soon grew out of it; the sleeves are now almost elbow length.  So this time around, I made a size 5.  It's now available as a digital pattern on the oliver & s website. 
It's a little big on her, but I expect she will grow into it soon.  One end of the selvage on this wool tweed has embroidery and butterflies, I used that end for the bottom of the jacket.  I think it softens this rather grown-up gray. 

The whole outfit together reminds me a bit of a Maoist uniform.


  1. I think this is wonderful,I absolutely love it!
    xx N

  2. Very cute! I love that jacket pattern, I should really sew it one of these days. Did you find that wool locally? It's awesome!

  3. ooooh pretty. love those butterflies! i didn't think maoist uniform until you said it. ;)

  4. i love this in sophisticated! but you're right, the butterflies add a fun touch. and it's all so pretty against the wall paper! :) i want to make another one of these...


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