Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall KCWC 2012!!!! Day 1: Sunday Brunch Skirt

The first day of KCWC went pretty well.  This skirt was constructed in a little bit under two hours and was a breeze to make.  The pattern is the Oliver & S Sunday Brunch.  I made this skirt in size 4, and although it fits pretty well now, I can tell that she will outgrow it soon.

I love the pockets and the slight a-line.  And what about the little kick pleat in the back? 

   The fabric is a wool tweed that I've had in my stash for years now.  Next up on my list is a matching jacket.


  1. CUTE! Love the gray wool. That skirt always seems to come out a little short, eh? Maybe just tighten up the waistband and have B wear it. ;)

  2. very classy! i want to sew more with wool. and i love that we both made gray skirts :)

  3. Super cute! Good fabric choice, I second that it is very classy!


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