Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mad Hatter Birthday Tea Party

As promised, here are the pictures I managed to take of S's Mad Hatter 4th Birthday Tea Party.  First up is the Queen of Hearts, otherwise known as B.

I made a simple apron to go over a red ricing hood costume dress that we already had.  The apron has ric rac trims on the neckline and skirt and a heart pocket on the bodice.  The waist is trimmed with the same fabric as the heart pocket.   

The crown is red wool melton left over from S's school days coat.  The buttons have sparkly diamond centers framed by a four leaf clover shape that reminded me of the clubs symbol in playing cards.  Can you believe I had those buttons in my stash?  The maribou trim was also in my stash as was the white wool felt.   

Now on to party picture!

The runner is made from Michael Miller's Put a Lid on it in Electric.  I simply folded the fabric to hide the selvedges.  No sewing required and I can re-use the fabric for another project.  The centerpiece were teapots and teacups that I found around the house.  You can see the Dormouse peeking out from a teapot and the Cheshire cat hanging from the pompom flowers.

Feather boas for the girls and suspenders for the boys to wear and take home.  I didn't get a close up of the suspenders but they were fun to make.  I used this tutorial from Make It and Love It.

The centerpiece for this table are Alice play figures I bought from Amazon on top of a sample piece of fake grass that I had lying around the house.

These are fairy/butterfly wings I found at the dollar store.  I also hung them from the chandelier along with the pompoms.
Googly eyes glued onto some gerbera daisies.

Tea Pot cake made from a small local baker called Sweet and Sassy Sugar Shop.  You can find their info here.  They can also be found at the Orenco Farmer's Market in the summer; the rest of the year they do custom orders and their cupcakes can be ordered by the dozen.   Did I mention that their cupcakes are to die for?
We had salted carmel
carmel, red velvet and vanilla cupcakes. 

The birthday girl with her own special cupcake.

and B eating hers.

The kids decorated straw hats.

and painted teacup planters.  I found most of the craft supplies at orienatal trading company.  Other activities included a croquet game, pin the grin on the Cheshire Cat, and the Queen of heart says...

If you're interested, you can find the original inspirations and ideas for this party on my pinterest board.


  1. That is a fantastic party! Can you come over and throw Lillie's Wizard of Oz party for me! Ha ha!

    1. haha, it was fun but exhausting. i think i'll wait for a bit before planning another party. cna't wait to see l's party on your blog.

  2. oh what a fun birthday party! you totally went all out! cute stuff.

    1. thanks kristin! yeah, i went all out. my ocd at work:).

  3. super fabulous...i'm extra bummed we missed out after seeing all the photos! b's dress is so adorable. and yes, those cupcakes were to die for. i can't believe the teapot cake!!

    1. we missed you guys too. there's always b's b-day coming up:)

  4. Um, can you come plan my 33rd birthday party? This is amazing!

    1. i would love to if you have it in portland:)...


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