Tuesday, November 2, 2010

oliver and s school days coat

i'm finally done with the oliver and s coat! it took me awhile just because i kept making silly and careless mistakes. first off, i somehow missed cutting the placket and didn't realize this until i was almost finished with the coat. the other mistake that i made was that i cut the cords a half inch too short, and of course when i tried to button the jacket, the placket ended up looking puckered.
anyhow, here are the details. i used a double faced designer wool melton and a fun amy butler quilted weight from the midwest modern line. The wool was beautiful to work with and ironed really well, although the bulk was a bit problematic at times. the pattern did say to use a walking foot for thicker fabrics, but because i didn't have one on hand, i just used an ordinary one. it worked fine but i am definitely saving up for a walking foot.
all in all i am pretty happy with the result. the coat is just a bit too big so hopefully it will last s this winter and next. i gave it to s today and she loves it! she kept saying thank you and even gave me a kiss. so all the time and effort was worth it just for that.
Next up is a made by rae toddler backpack for one of s's little friends who is having a birthday this coming weekend. i guess i'll have to get busy...


  1. i love it so much! where did you get the wool? i can't wait to see the made by rae backpack - i've been wanting to make that for awhile. -gail

  2. gail, i got the fabric at fabric.com. i just searched wool coating and this came up. i think it is a little thicker than ordinary wool melton.

  3. hey - did you use snaps or velcro on your placket? or neither?

  4. neither, the toggles kept it closted pretty well.

  5. So cute! I love the red- it is so vibrant!

  6. It's perfect! What a fun coat!

  7. Hello, i'm looking for this pattern...
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    Sorry for my english (I'm french...)

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