Friday, November 12, 2010

Another Day, Another Toddler Backpack

i finished another made by rae toddler backpack. this one is for a little girl who is turning two.

s liked it so much that she wanted it for herself. i had to promise her that i would make her a princess backpack. better get on that.

the polka dots are michael miller and the stripes are amy butler lotus. both fabrics are quilting cotton that came from my stash. i used the same process as the previous backpack; lining the quilting cotton with heavyweight interfacing and bottomweight twill.
i am officially obsessed with making these backpacks. they are just so fun and satisfying. tomorrow i am making the trip into the city to look for fabric for my two nephews and another of s's little friends. all three are boys so it will be a challenge to find something cute and boyish. did i mention that these will be christmas gifts?
speaking of christmas gifts, i have a couple of projects that i want to make for s. one is a cinderella dress-up dress. and of course the princess backpack and a doll from this book:
that's it for now! going upstairs to cut the cinderella dress.

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  1. C LOVES his backpack! He became frustrated when he couldnt get it on while strapped in his carseat! I am sure he will find many things to pack in it! Thanks again!


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