Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tis the Season for Birthdays

Around here, August seems to be a hugely popular month for birthdays.  We've gone to three birthday parties in the last three weekends and there are still a couple more in the coming weeks.  So I've been pretty busy sewing up some handmade gifts.

This first gift is a retro duffel bag.  The tutorial is from Saltwater Kids and can be found here.  Inside is a fort-building kit; the instructions for the kit, also from Saltwater Kids, is here.  The duffel bag was a really quick and easy sew and the result is pretty darn cute.  My kind of sewing for sure. 

And here is another Toddler Backpack.  I'm convinced that every toddler/preschooler needs this bag.  The fabric if you're interested is Tweet Tweet by Moda.

The two bags together, and below, a view of the backback from the rear.

Off to bed now and thanks for stopping by!


  1. cute little duffle bag, and i couldn't agree more about all toddlers needing a MBR backpack. i'm working on a birthday backpack for my nephew right now :)

  2. cute cute! i've had that duffel bag on my "sew someday" list (thanks for the reminder) and those MBR backpacks are so cute too. if my gal didn't already have 3 backpacks (two gifted, one made by me for her dora halloween costume), i'd defnitely be making her one! :)


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