Sunday, October 3, 2010

winter sewing

i will start with a list of the projects that i would like to accomplish in the next few weeks. here they are in order of importance.
  1. finish b's crib skirt. i only have the center to cut out and sew on to the sides. everything else is hemmed and ready to go.
  2. finish b's curtains. one panel is pretty much done and the other has been cut. i also need to buy a set of rings for the top panel.
  3. sew a winter coat for s from the oliver & s school days pattern.
  4. sew the oliver & s sunday brunch outfit for s.
  5. sew pants for s. all her pants are either too big around the waist for her or if the waist fits, then they are too short.
  6. sew warm winter pj's for s from the fleece i bought a while ago.

if i can do a little bit each night, then maybe i will finish all of this by the time winter sets in. hoping to surprise myself with my industry and productiveness!

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